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Are You Looking to Fire Your Tradeline Provider? Looking to become the Plug? Are You Seeking to Start Your Own Business? Are You Ready to Learn "What They Do Not Want You to Learn?"

This Purchase Includes: "Detailed," Step by Step Instructions, a easy to read PDF ebook, Screen shot Copy and Pasted Illustrations; Showing You What to Do.

Learn The Step by Step the Process of Writing Primary Tradelines . Learn How and Where Every State Allows the Reporting of Primary Tradelines and Secured Party Transactions.

Vol 6. Released 7-20-2019
Newly Developed and Released for 2019 and 2020

Knowledge is Power. Many readers use this ebook to increase their existing business, start a new business, add additional services to their business or maximize the knowledge of seasoned professionals... Learn how to access specialized knowledge to save or earn them money.

Easy to Read, Easy to Understand E-book with Detailed Instructions and Clear Illustrations. Write your very own tradelines with limits ranging from $1.00 to $1,000,000 Dollars or more. Primary Tradeline Accounts.

Buy Now; All Sales are Instantly Downloaded. Every State in this Nation offers access to UCC, UCC-1 and Secured Party Transactions. You Just Need the Information Showing you What to Do....

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Primary Tradelines


Use our service with confidence; knowing our software reflects the most up to date databases; providing reliable and accurate CPN numbers.  All Legal CPN's are scrutinized using Lexus Nexis  to ensure you are the only person using your number. Gain peace and  knowledge knowing your CPN was done the right way the first time and sold with a guarantee.