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Business Credit Builders Program: Are you looking to build business credit?  Provides Expert Tips, Advice & Step by Step Instructions!


Credit Approvals & Tri-Merged Cpns


This package includes Tri merging instructions ONLY!!   Learn how to take your Cpn from Unknown to Linked and Registered to you.

Cpn Tri Merging Instructions


How to Buy a Shelf Corp Under $100.00 (Florida Edition.) Newly revised; This ebook was created by popular demand!

How to Purchase a Shelf Corp 2



Business Credit Jumpstart


Understanding the Name Change Game!  FACT: changing your legal name allows access to a new SSN Number & SSN Card!


The Name Change Game

Credit Bureau Credit Approval Data:  250 lenders BMW Finance, Capital One, Citi Cards, Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Auto Financing, Personal Loans, Credit Cards,  Equipment Leasing,  Banks, Credit Unions, and much more...

DCB Lender List

Learn How to Acquire a New Identity, Produce the Documents Necessary to Support It, Obtain Residences, Obtain New Credit, Obtain Employment, and Obtain the Banking Privileges to Enjoy It.

Identity Changer Program


Lenders Edition!  Looking for a Loan? Need Financing Sources; Here you Go! Fully Endorsed by Matt Cohen 


Business Credit Guru

Business Credit Builders


Business Credit Builders & How To Buy A Shelf Corp (Arizona Edition)

Credit Card Approvals, Loan & Financing

Complete Shelf Corp Knowledge Pack



Benefits of Tri-merged Cpn?
A: The benefits of a tri merged cpn with credit report is knowing the 9 digit number housing your business identity is free and clear of others using your number. We have found that person serious about establishing a new personal business profile either for themselves or for their business understands the value of having a business identity free upon itself.

Furthermore person who know they will be purchasing trade-lines will also find this service important. History and thousands of clients have shown us, "You can purchase a more expensive corporation package or you can obtain a EIN Free from the IRS website; if you do not inspect your new 9 digit number no matter you can have serious set backs in establishing your new credit profile..."

No matter if your number is a, EIN, ITIN, SSN, TIN or ANY 9 digit number; a death master file, a situation non issuance, Safe Scan searches, Choice Point and Lexis Nexis searches you may quickly find that your business efforts and approvals might be hampered. Purchasing a Trimerged Cpn is purchasing securtiy that we in fact took a look to see if your number has been issued and not listed with any one else...

"SUPER," Business Credit Builder Program


How to Purchase a Shelf Corp 1

How To purchase a Shelf Corp Under $100.00 (Arizona Edition) With Lender List.  HOTT HOTT HOTT




Business Credit, Loan Financing

How To Buy a Shelf Corp (Florida Edition) & Business Credit Guru (Lender & Loan Officer Edition!)


Complete Credit Card Lenders List & Business Credit Guru (Lender & Loan Officer Edition!)

How To Buy a Shelf Corp Under $100 (Florida & Arizona Edition)

Business Credit Builder / Business Guru
(Lender & Loan Officer Edition)

An Easy To Follow Step-By-Step Money Getting System; Quickly get business credit; without using personal credit,  financial statements or tax records, or ever walking into a bank and speaking with a loan officer. Guaranteed!