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Add Unlimited Rental
Primary Tradelines

COMBO 15: Package Includes
(3) Mortgage / Rental Primary Tradelines


We Show You How and We Give You the Tradelines

* In this purchase; your purchasing (3) direct reporters that report lease, rent, and mortgage payments. Fast reporting, and you can use these reporters over and over again for yourself or various clients.  * Disclaimer: We do not intend nor is it our intent to sell this information for fraudulent activities... It is our intent of providing information for lawful and ethical activities..  As with any purchase from our website you are agreeing not to misuse this product in any way... 



Purchase Include:
(3) Mortgage / Rental / Lease Primary Tradeline Accounts.

(3) Mortgage / Rental Primary Accounts 
This Purchase is for the person looking to add Lease, Rental, Mortgage Accounts. Back dating up to 2 Years, Rent Reporting up to $2,500.00 each account.

Instant Approval:  CPN, EIN, SSN.

* Reports Monthly
Reports 2 Major Credit Bureaus.
-No Account in Combo 15 is Shared with Another Combo.  Each Combo is Unique.  For More Tradelines Purchase Another Combo. 

  1. Average score increase 40 to 100 points.
  2. You will see results in 10 to 15 days.
  3. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  4. Reporting Allows up to (2 Years of Back Dating) and
    Reporting Equifax and Trans Union
  5. Add a spouse and you both can build your credit